College/University Scholarships
Use this link to find scholarship information from area colleges/universities.

Local Scholarships
Use this link to view local scholarship information and deadlines! Forms for most scholarships are in the counseling office.

Types of Scholarships
There are three kinds of scholarships: University, National Programs, and Local/Regional Scholarships.

University: applying ON TIME is the most important goal. Many colleges have automatic scholarship levels. They are based on the student's ACT/SAT and GPA. Most universities/colleges begin the offer at 20 ACT and 3.0 GPA (4.0 scale). The student must apply by each college'e deadline. Research the specific colleges as some have automatic scholarships once a student applies; whereas, other colleges may have separate scholarship applications. Colleges also have their own searchable databases of scholarship opportunities.

National Programs: There is a wealth of scholarships available to all students. Register with a scholarship search engine such as or to receive information about opportunities. Do not pay any money for a scholarship search!

Local/Regional Scholarships: Many local scholarships are offered to only Delta High School students with regional scholarships available to Northwest Ohio students or students in Fulton County. The odds are in your favor with these! A big chunk of these scholarships become available in February.

College Board Scholarship Search
The College Board's scholarship search is a great way to find scholarships, internships, and other financial aid opportunities. Scholarship Search.
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