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PDY Alternate Transportation Policies

Long Term: 

Parents/ Guardians requesting transportation to a location other than the residence of the student are required to complete an ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION REQUEST form. The Director of Transportation must approve the alternate drop-off request prior to the student changing pick-up or drop-off locations.

The qualifications for approval of an alternate address are as follows:
     • The student must be picked up from the same location every day.
     • The student must be dropped off at the same location every day.
     • The pick-up address can be different than the drop-off address.

Complete an ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION REQUEST form and send it to the Transportation Supervisor prior to July 15 each year. It is necessary to have this information by July 15th each year so that routes can be efficiently developed and coordinated for the new school year. Alternate stops can be added throughout the year, but will require at least one-week notice. Bus capacity will be a major deciding factor concerning approval of alternate transportation requests. The parent(s)/guardian(s) should not change the student's pick-up or drop-off address until the Transportation Supervisor has responded to the request in writing.

To Receive & submit an Alternate Drop-Off Form:
1. Go to
2. Click on the Transportation Link
3. Click on The Student Information Form to open the form.
4. Strike the TAB key and enter the requested information.  Use the TAB key to navigate to the next information area.
5. Print the form.
6. Submit the form one of the following ways prior to July 15:

Mail the form to: Jim Wolpert, Transportation Supervisor,
                             504 Fernwood St., Delta, Ohio 43515
Take the form to your child's school office.
Take the form to the Board of Ed. Office at 504 Fernwood St.

Short Term:

Routine, short term, alternate transportation will not be permitted on PDY buses. In extreme emergencies (upon approval) a child may ride to another child’s bus stop. Approval will be determined on a case by case basis. Again, this will be permitted in extreme emergencies (for the safety of the child). All avenues for having an adult or caregiver receive the child at his or her bus stop must be explored first. Emergency stops will be approved by Jim Wolpert, Transportation Supervisor at (419) 822-3391 ext. 5125 (press 4).

Brandi Sutton
Transportation Supervisor
(419) 822-3391 ext. 4125


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