Board of Education

Board of Education, Pike-Delta-York Local School District
Standing: Mrs. Kelly Valentine, Mr. Jeremy Lohman
Seated: Mrs. Jenna Holzhauer, Board President Mr. Dan Elliott, Board Vice President Mrs. Alice Simon

504 Fernwood Street
Delta, Ohio  43515-1204

Board of Education's Responsibilities  
1. To establish and regularly review all policies, ensuring they are lawful and designed to improve the quality of the school district.
2. To hire, support, and work effectively with the superintendent of schools and the treasurer/CFO,
3. To conduct an annual formal evaluation of the superintendent of schools and the treasurer/CFO.
4. To refer administrative communications, including questions, complaints, and personnel inquiries to the superintendent, as appropriate, and follow the board-established chain of command.
5. To delegate to the superintendent responsiblity for all administrative functions, except those specifically reserved to the board through board policy.
6. To adopt, advocate for, and oversee a school budget, which is responsive to district goals and meets the needs of all students.
Resource: Buckeye Association of School Superintendents 
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