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William Hanak
Delta Middle School Principal
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The Pike-Delta-York Middle School provides a quality education focused on the needs of youth in transition from childhood to adolescence.  A partnership exists between parents, staff, and the community to ensure the academic and personal growth of our students.

Welcome to Delta Middle School

August 5, 2022


Dear Panther Parents / Guardians, 


Welcome from Pike-Delta-York Middle School, where we are excited to welcome our Panthers back as we get ready for the 2022-2023 school year! Our staff is committed to providing every student with a safe and healthy environment by doing what is best for kids and our community. Our theme for this school year is Don’t Quit, as we’ll focus on making one another reach our potential through positive conversations. As part of that theme, we encourage your Panther to dress in their best clothes every Wednesday and dress together in spirit wear every Friday during the school year. 


Students return to class on Wednesday, August 17th. We are sticking with the same bell schedule as last year, with classes starting at 8:10 AM and school dismissing at 2:55 PM. If you plan on keeping your student home absent, our policy is for you to call school that day. A hand-written note must accompany a student and be turned into the office upon one week of their return. Finally, please review the 2022-2023 Student Handbook located on the district website under the Middle School tab in order to become familiar with student dress code and other building policies. 


Please be sure to complete the mandatory Returning Student Registration by logging into FinalForms. This is the district process for completing required paperwork to start the school year. Completing the registration process is required in order for a student to pick up their schedule at Open House.


Key Dates in our Pike-Delta-York Middle School Opening Week:

  • August 15th: Open House, 1:00-5:00 PM

  • August 17th: First Day of Classes / Device Pickup

  • August 19th: Picture Day 

Please note that in order for your student to pick up their device during school on August 17th, you will need to complete and submit the enclosed Technology Protection Assessment form along with the associated premium if you wish for your student to take their device home. 


We are grateful for your continued cooperation and support as we partner to ensure a successful year at Pike-Delta-York Middle School. We are well-aware of the commitment on the part of the family it takes to foster a successful school year for a student. Simply put, we could not do it without you! As always, we will work hard to promote the very best interests of all of our students, academically, socially, and emotionally. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me personally.  




William D. Hanak

Pike Delta York Local School District

Delta Middle School Interim Principal 2022- 2023

1101 Panther Pride Drive

Delta, Ohio 43515

P: 419.822.9118

Email: [email protected]


Additional Information

Visitors to Delta Middle School are asked to park in the front parking lot.  Do not park in spots designated/reserved for staff or handicapped without a permit.  When dropping off or picking up students you MUST use the car loop for student safety.

Car Loop Details:
Arrival: The car loop is least busy before 7:50am.  We realize the car loop is busy, but keep in mind safety is our #1 concern.

• Use the curbside lane, drive slowly, pulling up all the way.
• Avoid large gaps between cars. (Do NOT park and get out in the car loop to walk your child(ren) to the front door!)
• Only let your child exit from the passenger side.

Dismissal: Arrive after 2:45 pm to line up for dismissal.  The loop is less busy after 3:05 pm for pick up.  We realize the car loop is busy, but keep in mind safety is our #1 concern.

• Use the curbside lane, drive slowly, pulling up ALL THE WAY.  Please let your student out anywhere on the sidewalk, it doesn't need to be at the front doors.  Doing this will make the car loop be more efficient for everyone.
• Avoid large gaps between cars.  Do NOT park and get out of your vehicle in the car loop to pick up your child(ren).  
• Only let your child enter from the passenger side.

Following these steps helps reduce congestion and provides a safe/efficient pick up area.

Upcoming Delta Middle School Events

Building Hours

7:30am Students may enter the building
8:10am Late bell rings
2:55pm Dismissal bell rings
3:30pm Office closes for the day
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