Scheduling Reminders

Scheduling Information from the DHS Counseling Office Handbook


It should be understood by parents and students that when registering for course work, students place an obligation upon the school administration to accommodate the courses requested, to staff them with qualified and certified teachers, and to provide adequate textbooks and materials. Students are encouraged to make realistic course selections based upon teacher recommendations and actual classroom performance.


DHS staff is unable to change schedules unless the student meets one of the following board-approved reasons:

1. Failure of a course/not meeting prerequisites

2. Completion of a course during Summer School or in Credit Recovery

3. Medical or emotional reasons

4. CCP schedule change

5. Computer scheduling conflicts


Seniors may request one course change if the following stipulations are met:

1. The student is on target in all areas of graduation;

2. The course involved in the schedule change is not required for the student to graduate;

3. Another course is available for the student during the same class period (for example: 1st period to 1st period is acceptable) to enroll and the schedule change does not impact the student’s other scheduled class periods;

4. The schedule change will not negatively impact staffing needs, create changes to staff schedules, or adjust the building’s Master Schedule; and

5. The schedule change will only occur within the first five days of the semester.


If the student’s schedule change request meets one of the above reasons, a schedule change can occur within the first five days of the semester. In rare circumstances that a withdrawal is requested after this time, a grade of withdrawal/failure (W/F) will be recorded as the semester grade and will become part of the student’s record. A note from a parent is required in this situation.

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