PE Waivers

Ohio graduation requirements include 0.5 credits (2 semesters) of in class physical education (P.E.) OR a completed P.E. Waiver. To earn the PDY P.E. Waiver, a student must participate in two (2) non- concurrent seasons of interscholastic athletics, marching band or cheerleading during the first seven (7) semesters of high school AND complete the required paperwork according to the timeline listed on the P.E. Waiver Application Form and the P.E. Waiver Completion Form. Participation in one (1) complete season of interscholastic athletics, band or cheerleading counts towards one-half (1/2) of the P.E. Waiver for graduation requirements, provided the proper paperwork is submitted. The student must participate in the activity for the full season. There is no provision under ORC 3313.603 (L) to permit any type of partial P.E. Waiver excuse. Students must complete either the in-class option or the P.E. Waiver option. The P.E. Waiver does not result in academic credit. However, the Delta HS P.E. Waiver does fulfill the P.E. graduation requirement of the Ohio Department of Education. The P.E. Waiver must be completed by the end of the first semester of a student’s senior year. Otherwise, the student will be placed in the needed P.E. classes second semester to meet the P.E. graduation requirement. It is the responsibility of the student to coordinate, maintain and submit the application and completion documentation by the required dates for each season.


Directions for Completion of P.E. Waiver Paperwork


Complete the P.E. Waiver Application Form including requested signatures and return to the high school counselor, according to dates below:


Fall P.E. Application – September 1

Winter P.E. Application – December 1

Spring P.E. Application – April 1


At the end of the season, fill out the P.E. Waiver Completion Form, have the activity supervisor (head coach or director) verify your participation in the activity, and return the completed form to the high school counselor according to the dates below.


Fall P.E. Completion Form - November 15

Winter P. E. Completion Form – March 15

Spring P.E. Completion Form – September 15 of following school year

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