Substitute Levy Information

The Pike-Delta-York Board of Education has voted to proceed for a Substitution of a Substitute Tax Levy. This levy will renew the current substitute levy that expires in December of 2024 and extends the current levy from January of 2025 to December of 2029. 

The information below is provided to help District stakeholders understand the District's intended use of the funds generated. For further questions about the Substitute Levy, please email Superintendent Jon Burke, [email protected], or Treasurer Matt Feasel, [email protected].

What is a substitute levy? 
A substitute levy replaces an emergency levy. It simply "substitutes" the current 6.74 mill 5-year levy and would continue at the collection rate already in place. As opposed to an emergency levy, a substitute levy allows the school district to receive additional revenue from new construction (residential and construction) within district boundaries. 

How is the money this levy generates spent? 
This levy is called an Operational Levy. The funds raised by an operational levy are used to provide learning opportunities to students and support the day-to-day functions of a district, including the purchase of textbooks and other curriculum materials, computers, equipment, supplies, utilities, insurance, buses, propane, gas, etc. 

How is this levy funded? 
If renewed, this levy is funded through a property tax already in place. This is not an increase. This is not a new tax. 

What is a mill? 
The unit of value for expressing the rate of property taxes in Ohio. In cash terms, a mill is defined as one-tenth of a percent or one-tenth of a cent. Millage is the factor applied to the assessed value of a property to produce tax revenue. For every $1,000 in property value, the property owner would pay $1.00. 

What are the advantages of the substitute levy? 
A substitute levy helps to create financial stability for the district and its students. This will allow the district to maintain current programming and services and implement new programming without increasing taxes for current homeowners based on current valuations.

What happens if this levy doesn't pass?
The district put this renewal on the ballot a year before the current substitute levy expires. This levy accounts for approximately 9% of the district's revenue, generating over $1 million in revenue. Losing this levy would force the district into drastic cuts. If the levy expires, the taxpayers would also lose the Property Tax Rollback which gives a discount on property taxes to senior citizens and disabled veterans. 

What will this issue look like on the ballot? 


Shall a tax levy substituting for an existing levy be imposed by the Pike-Delta-York Local School District for the purpose of providing for the necessary requirements of the school district in the initial sum of $1,336,000, and a levy of taxes be made outside of the ten-mill limitation estimated by the county auditor to require 6.74 mills for each $1 of taxable value, which amounts to $236 for each $100,000 of the county auditor's appraised value for the initial year of the tax, for a period of 5 years, commencing in 2024, first due in calendar year 2025, with the sum of such tax to increase only if and as new land or real property improvements not previously taxed by the school district are added to its tax list

When is the Substitute Levy on the ballot? 
The Substitution of the Substitute Levy will be on the Tuesday, November 7, 2023 ballot.

For more information on the district's finances, visit to view the five year forecast and the annual and monthly financial reports. School funding can be difficult to understand. If you have questions, please call the board office at 419-822-3391.

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