Panther Athletics Club

A Little About the Delta PAC

PAC is an organization that works closely with the Athletic Director and the coaches to raise funds through concession sales, program and poster advertisements, and the reverse raffle. PAC has given between $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 back to the sports programs each year.

To be able to give back, PAC needs your help! Instead of having student athletes going door to door fundraising for their sport(s), we ask that parents and student athletes work in the concession stand 2 to 3 times during the school year. Please sign up for your sport(s) concession stand to help!

Advance Purchase Request Form

Please complete the Advance Purchase Request Form for all PAC requests, and submit to the PAC with supplier quotes.  Please make sure to fill out the section showing total expense and amounts paid by other sources which will bring down the amount you are requesting from the PAC.  Note the date needed column is the date you anticipate needing payment from the PAC.  This means you will need to have this to us in advance.

Upon receiving your request, the PAC board will review your request and either approve it or discuss any possible changes/clarifications with you.  It is our goal to get back to you within 48 hours of receiving a request.

After receiving approval from teh PAC, you can place your order (or registration, in the case of events).

Disbursement Request Form

Upon receiving your order, please fill out the Disbursement Request Form and submit it with your invoice(s).  No payments will be made without both the form and the invoice(s).  In the case of events, there may not be an official "invoice," but you should receive something showing you have made/need to make payment.  Amounts should be the same as were on the Advance Purchase Request form.  If there are modifications, such as different prices or quantities, please discuss this with us prior to placing the order, especially if the amount could be higher.

Once both the form and invoice(s) are received, the PAC will make payment within 7 calendar days. 
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