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MS meet canceled


Todays MS meet at swanton has been canceled

We will practice at 3! 

Practice March 6th


Track season is just around the corner!!!

The first offical day of practice will be March 6th! Pracitce will run from 3:15-5:30 Monday - Friday! Unless lightening and thunderstorms are in the area we will be out side so be sure to prepare yourself for all weather occasions! BRING APPROPRIATE GEAR!!!! 


Coach Steele

Remind 101


Hey parents! The remind 101 code to join the track updates is 

@coachwste. The name is simply Track. 

To join via Text:

you would text @coachwste to the number 81010. That will set you up! 

Or you can click this link and sign up online


2017 Season 

3/31/2017 HS St. Francis Knight Warm Up (Click Here)

4/7/2017 HS Evergreen Invite (Click Here)

4/13/2017 MS Patrick Henry invite (Click Here)

4/13/2017 HS Springfield Invite (Click Here)

4/15/2017 HS Liberty Center Invite (Click Here)

4/22/2017 HS Diller Invite (Click Here)

4/22/2017 MS Swanton Invite (Click Here)

4/28/2017 HS Dick Schultz Invite (Click Here)

4/29/2017 MS Montpelier Invite (Click Here)

5/5/2017 HS Findlay Trojan Invite (Click Here)

5/5/2017 MS Liberty Center Invite (Click Here)

5/12/2017 HS NWOAL League (Click Here)

5/13/2017 MS NWOAL League (Click Here)

5/19/2017 HS Districts (Click Here)

5/26/2017 HS Regionals (Click Here)

6/2/2017 HS State (Click Here)


2016 Season 

4/1/2016 HS St. Francis Knight Warm up  (Click Here)

4/8/2016 HS Evergreen Viking Invitational (Canceled)

4/14/2015 HS Springfield Invitational (Click Here)

4/15/2016 MS Patrick Henry Invitational (Click Here)

4/16/2016 HS Liberty Center Inivitaional (Click Here)

4/23/2016 HS Diller Invitational (Click Here)

4/23/2016 MS Swanton Invitational (Click Here)

4/29/2016 HS Dick Schultz Invitational (Click Here)

4/30/2016 MS Montpelier Invitational (Click Here)

5/6/2016 HS Tim Downey Memorial Invitational (Click Here)

5/6/2016 MS Liberty Center Relay Invitational (Click Here)

5/10/2015 HS NWOAL Championships (Click Here)

5/13/2016 HS NWOAL Championships Finals (Click Here)

5/14/2016 MS NWOAL Championships (Click Here)

5/19/2016 Districts (Click Here)

5/25/2016 Regionals (Click Here)

6/7/2015 State 




2015 Season 

4/10/2015 HS Evergreen Invitational (Click Here)

4/16/2015 HS Springfield Invitational (Click Here)

4/17/2015 MS Patrick Henry Invitational (Click Here)

4/25/2015 HS Diller Invitational (Click Here)

5/1/2015 HS Dick Schultz Invitational (Click Here)

5/2/2015 MS Montpelier Invitational (Click Here)

5/8/2015 HS Tim Downey Memorial Invitational (Click Here)

5/8/2015 MS Liberty Center Relay Invitational (Click Here)

5/15/2015 HS NWOAL Championships (Click Here)

5/16/2015 MS NWOAL Championships (Click Here)

5/22/2015 Districts (Click Here)

5/29/2015 Regionals (Click Here)

6/7/2015 State (Click Here)


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